About Me

Affordable Websites for Small Business Owners

Professional website design and hosting by Aron Kiefer

Affordable websites for small business owners and people running home-based businesses are my specialty. Many people don't realize that they too can have an affordable website that is dynamic, professional, and able to give their business the strong online presence that it needs today. I have been building affordable websites for businesses for many years now. My clients can focus on their business while I take care of their website. I am the webmaster they need and can now afford.

I understand how to make your website have the look, style, and searchability that it needs for your business to compete. About me, I have been involved with sales, marketing and advertising for 20 years and counting. But I definitely know what I'm doing from the technical end of things, too, for I have a degree in computer science from Penn State University. My unique experience in sales and technology, combined with artistic talent, is a perfect blend for building websites that look professional and most importantly, effective at growing your business.

You can view my portfolio of affordable websites that I have created for my clients through the years. I retain good relationships with my clients so that I can be "on call" to help them with any future website design needs such as upgrades, adding more pages, and so on. I am confident that you'll see that I know all about HTML coding, CSS design, meta tags, flash, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, content management and everything else that your small business may need for its website.

The elements that, with my expertise, I can help any business incorporate into the design of affordable websites include:

I can set you up with one or more of my affordable websites. I first listen to what your needs are for inspiration and then let my talents and experience guide my artistic ability to design your website. You can be as involved or uninvolved in your website creation as you wish. Some of my clients desire a figurative "hand holding" while building their website, while others prefer to provide almost no guidance or involvement at all. Either way, I will provide you with a professional website design for your business and make as many changes until you are 100% satisfied.

There is no contract to sign.

My philosophy is simple. My success is based on your satisfaction – if you are happy with my work and attention to your website needs, you have no reason to go anywhere else. I will prove my value to you as your website designer, hosting service, and webmaster.

If you already have a website, not a problem, I will be happy to give your website a fresh new look and be your webmaster so you can focus on your business. With ever-changing technology, a website that was leading edge and looking spectacular five years ago is possibly out of date today. Also, if your business is growing, as you want it to be doing, you'll find that you need to periodically expand your website to effectively capture your growth and change.

From web design, to search engine optimization, to merchant accounts, my services span everything you need to have a successful website for your business. Again, I am a specialist in the creation of affordable websites. You don't have to pay a lot for online success.